Desert Eagle Pistol ammunition testing results, Blount, CCI

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.50 AE 350 Gr. JSP

- Never fired one, no other info. MRI recommended.


 Caliber - .50; Bullet Weight - 350 Gr.;  For 6 " barrel, Muzzle Velocity - 1252 fps.; Muzzle Energy - 1217 ft-lbs. View the graph For 10 " barrel, Muzzle Velocity - 1418 fps.; Muzzle Energy - 1561 ft-lbs. View the graph ;

.50 AE 300 Gr. JHP

- Interesting cartridge. Jacketed Hollowpoint, but unlike other JHP bullets this one has copper jacketing over the whole surface of the bullet, so no lead is exposed even on the tip. Fired so far 2 boxes. Reliable feeding and shooting, not a single jam. Very clean. IMHO kicks and handles like Samson .300 gr rounds. Although muzzle flash is somewhat lesser. Well, it is very big for the handgnu anyways ;) MRI recommended.


 Caliber - .50; Bullet Weight - 300 Gr.;  For 6 " barrel, Muzzle Velocity - 1438 fps.; Muzzle Energy - 1376 ft-lbs. View the graph For 10 " barrel, Muzzle Velocity - 1664 fps.; Muzzle Energy - 1842 ft-lbs. View the graph ;

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Blazer 158 Gr. JHP

Stated many times in different places, confirmed by Magnum Research Inc., doesn't work reliable for Desert Ealge. I've test fired this round too, same result, lots of jams, better don't shoot.


 Caliber - .357; Bullet Weight - 158 Gr.;  Muzzle Velocity - ???? fps.; Muzzle Energy - ???? ft-lbs.;

.50 AE 325 Gr. SJHP

- Sometimes referred as GDHP, Gold-Dot Hollow point. I just got 200 rounds, the only .50 AE round I have seen so far, that has nickel cases. Never fired though, yet. MRI recommended ( although, they are referring to it as - CCI Lawman ).
    The cheaper ammo I've found so far is 40% cheaper than MRI prices. ( compare 22$ for box of 20 at MRI and 13.00$ for the same ). Here goes the number - 1-888-900-HUNT & their web
If anyone has fired them, please share the information ;)


 Caliber - .50; Bullet Weight - 325 Gr.;  For 6 " barrel, Muzzle Velocity - 1378 fps.; Muzzle Energy - 1369 ft-lbs. View the graph, for 10 " barrel, Muzzle Velocity - 1590 fps.; Muzzle Energy - 1822 ft-lbs. View the graph.

Special thanks goes to Robert Coon for providing detailed specs on .50 AE CCI & MRI/Blount rounds ;)))

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CNC Cartridge Company

.50 AE 325 Gr. JHP

- Don't have exact specs on this one, however the report is that you better stay away from this one with your DE. This round causes the same symptoms as the Fiocchi 142 Gr. JTC. In other words produces too much residue, that causes the lockup. i.e. the slide will get jammed closer to the battery, and it's real hard to clear that jam. As usual the gas chamber is too contaminated and the piston gets stuck in there, and/or the slide can't move on the frame rails because of the residue. If large amounts are fired, you're most likely facing the danger of gas system clogging, which is one of the worst things to your DE could happen.
    According to John, after switching to this round the gun started jamming (lockup jam) after every 5-7 rounds. As soon as he switched to different type of ammo(first a good scrubbing was required though ), the problem was cleared :)


 Caliber - .50; Bullet Weight - 325 Gr.; 

Contributed by John Mare

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